Thrash In Black is out now!!! Laci! This is your album. R.I.P.
Foreign Hearth--- Thrash Metal Reborn--- Fire in the Mosh Pit.mp3 Destined To Die-full
2012.03.24 Old things 3. - Para

There are some photos as again, that was received from a Beyond fan guy. Thanks Csaba! It is a good feeling. There is a news as well. We would like to thank Zoli:

2012.02.28 Two Beyond clips together
This song is in memoriam Laszlo Zavarkó for the last time, who was the drummer of Beyond from 1985 to 2011. Laci R.I.P
This is Fire In The Mosh Pit, we showed previously. We dedicate this song to all thrashers with love:

New downloads:
Preparation To Hell
Trabant song
Devilish Human
War Of The Good And The Bad

2012.02.17 Here is the third pro-clip from Beyond

Thanks to Rendermedia, the third super-clip of Beyond has finished. The makers (Tibor Dusa, and Agnes Csirmaz) are the most excellent specialists and they proved it in this clip too. Unfortunately the band was not full because of the drummer Laci's death, but this clip is correct. (See it upside)
This song (Fire In The Mosh Pit) can be heard in Beyond's 2011 10-song-album, called "Thrash in Black" that has more 35 songs in mp3 in the multimedia track. Order this CD (menu CDorder).

The next, fourth clip is on the way. It will be finished in 2-3 weeks. It will be much slower like this. It will be in memoriam Laci.

2012.01.29 Two new videos -Para

The Beyond became richer in two new videos today. As a matter of fact it is not in the finished format, but both recordings are over. One of the songs is a bit sad, because it was in memory of our ex-drummer Laszlo Zavarko. It is sad, because He is not able to sit in the drum chair anymore. In this song three of us remained Beyond members, we played just as extras. Starring unambiguously was Laci's drumset. Only this one left for us. This song was created after His death and this is the only slow song in our Thrash In Black album. The title is: I Lose It All. The other song is the Fire In The Mosh Pit that is a bloody thrash punishment. This song quote the whole style of our album. We have only ona aim whit this song: crush your head to the molecule level. No one can survive it you can be shure.
Tibor Dusa and Agnes Csirmaz did everything to the best of their ability. They are totally real pros in video making. We trust in the quality of the two new videos. We, the Beyond are waiting for the outcome so much. Hopefully in the middle of February we can share the videos with you. We will inform you. Till then, anybody can order our new atomic thrash album: Thrash In Black (see:

2011.12.09 Answers for forum themes - Para

About Laci: thank you all guys who felt sympathy for Laci. It is a great blow for us, and for everybody who knew Laci, no matter if liked him or hate him. Only the good things left I am sure. He was our best friend ever since We can remember.

For those who like the CD of Thrash In Black: it is a great feeling receiving so good responses that we had. I feel this album is the first one that is much better than our 1986 demo. We needed so much time to get back to our good old style. Laci took part of this work. He told us first that "we play disco music" after we were in a Bonded By Blood concert. We decided after this concert that what will be the style of our next (this) album. More speed less (zero) compromise.

About the recorded sound: this album sounds great, really.It was recorded in our garage. It was me, who made the recording, the mixing and mastering. I am proud to my work really. It was the cheapest method for make this CD. We never had enough money for bigger studio work. It was the solution.

recovering: we were not able to recover after Laci's death. Without a drummer it is very hard. Unfortunattely there is no a thrash drummer near our town, who could play with us seriously (or just not found us/or we did not find him/her). It woud be great finding a drummer.

Concerts: it is only me who would be able to make concerts whitout a drummer (drum can be sounded from a CD player). The other twoBeyond guy said "this is impossible, or may be 1-2 concerts, but no more". They are unyielding about this. There will no be concerts till we do not have drummer (or may be 1 or 2). There is not too much chance for it. We trust in it.

Website: I am glad that so many people likes our site. I trie to make it the way that this thing not only about us. It is a Beyond museum and a thrash center in one. For example in the Rock TV menu, where a lot of thrash videos can be seen.

Videos: till 2012 Marc we will finish two videos from our new album.

Myspace: the site was updated. There are more full length songs can be listened.
Our Mypace site

07.11.2011 Thrash In Black Is Out - Para

At least the time has come. Laci has not lived to see it, but his soul will continue to live in this album forever.

The title of the album (In Memoriam Laci Zavarkó): Thrash In Black
Publishing date: 07. 11. 2011
Label: Nail Records
Price: 7 EUR, or 9.5 USD

This is Beyond's fastest album. After Laci's death a new song were put into the tracklist, remembering to our good old friend, to brother of Babu, to father of Bence, and of course to our drummer. The title of the song: I Lose It All.

Remembering to our long common course of life we added a gift into the album. We put all our albums into the CD extra in mp3. Down you can see the content detailed. It means 45 songs in this album. Order the album if you need it. Go to the "CD order" menu.

CD part:

01 - Foreign Heart
02 - Thrash Metal Reborn
03 - The Hotbed Of Hate
04 – Fire In The Mosh Pit
05 - I Lose It All
06 – Controlled By The Greats
07 - Ghost Of Fear
08 - Phantom Of Dreams
09 - Destined To Die
10 - Laci's Last Theme

CD extra, playable in a PC:

01- Pictures In Memoriam Laci
02-Black Magic Night 2011 Album - (10 songs)
03-Thrash From The Beyond 2010 Album - (8 songs)
04-Holt lelkek 2009 Hungarian Demoalbum - (6 songs)
05-Tomik a fejed 1994 Hungarian Album - (9 songs)
06-Live concerts 89-90 - (2 songs)

2011.07.18 The funeral of Laci will be in 2011.07.22 15:00 in Visonta cemetery.
Message of Babu: "Thanks to all who keep Laci in their hearts live on!!!!!!!!!!"

2011.07.11 Thrash metal tragedy - Para

How many times we laught at this slogan: "Thrash metal tragedy". We were joking on this thing, when we went to a concert in snowy slippery roads with a car. We said this will be the Media title in the news when we all die on the roadside. We laughed at this, but now this media title came true.

László zavarkó, drummer of Beyond died in 10.07.2011 Friday in a motorcycle accident. An old man went out to the other side of the road, when Laci and his two moto'friends appeared next to him. He hit all the three of them, but Laci hurt so much, that He could not stay alive. Hi died in the Hospital after the rescue helicopter took him there.

No words can say how we feel now. We trust in the music we played, we trusted in thrash metal so strong, but now we do not know how can it continue without Laci. We well release our new album, but the title will not be the same, and the whole album will be dedicated to Laci. Laci would do this way we know. This album will be yours Laci.

The drum still stand where Laci put, the bottle of water is still waiting to Laci to drink it next to the drum chair. Cimbals, tams, double bass drum pedal, and everything there still exist in our souls deep inside.

What will be the future? We will go to our garage tomorrow, just as we did it always, and we will see.

I feel compassion for your Mother, Father, your Son, and Babu, (your brother), for you, Laci as I always said: "see you sucker...!"


Black Magic Night (2011) is out now!!! Hear some samples:
Vision--- Steps of Death.mp3
The CD sold out. More opportunities here.

2011.06.17 Old things 2. - Para

Here are some photos that were sent by a Beyond fan. These are T-shirts from the 1980-90's. One of them was drew by us, the others by himself. We signed the Jeans one. These are owned by him nowdays. It is a great feeleing:

2011.06.15 Kill City, 272 records, We've got the sample part - Para

We've got the sample part of Kill City vol. 31. You can see in the picture the whole thing. We are world-famous at least :).
272 Records

2011.06.14 The Black Magic Nigth CD's sold out. Thanks ordering so much. - Para

2011.06.05 Two videoclips available in english - Para

I've always known that after we made the english version of the album "Thrash" (Hammer records - fully downloadable in menu mp3), that something will be happened with the clips that was made in Hungarian language. I've always wanted to make them from Hungarian to English. (The clips were made by Tibor Dusa, Rendermedia)

When I started the work of making the clips to English I felt I try something impossible. In the video there is Hungarian mimicking, but the music is english. I had to work from the Hungarian mimicking video samples and trying to change it to synchronised to the english version sound.

First I synchronized the english music with the hungarian video. The result was deplorable. Like a mad, who try to sing a song, but the lyrics are not known. The guitar and the drums were fine, but the vocals...

First I tried to distort the video in the mimicking places, but the result was 90% distorted vocal parts. It was very sad.I tried again in other way. I copied only the videos of the hungarian vocal parts, then I put them back, but completelly different sequence, so the mimicking to be the same as in the english vocals.I never believed that it can be so good that this result was. Now this perfect video can be seen in other countries that not prefers hungarian language.

So here are two new-old clips from Beyond in english.

Clip: Soulfall
Clip: There's No Suffer...

Click on the pictures to see the videos

2011.05.10 Kill City, 272 records, LA, California - Para

We took place in a new USA compilation album (Kill City vol. 31) with the song Vision. We received an e-mail from the 272 record company if we accept that Beyond will be in the album, and we answered yes of course. We can tell at least "We are in an album in the USA". The tracklist is on menu MP3
272 Records

2011.04.15 Thrash of the Titans-Ózd - Para

This picture seems professional :). My camera went flat, so I could not make better photo. No problem thrashers! You were great! Thanks for it!

The Remorse guys asked us to go to Ózd to this thrash party again. First there was hardly some persons, but later it became a good party, and the number of audience became greater. Time was turn faster, so the music became faster. The main thing I hear that the bass drum sound was so great that Metallica could do only. Remorse4 thanks for all. People thanks for everything.

2011.04.02 Roli and Kati had a babygirl!!! - Para

2011.02.10 Old timer things - Para

Plackard from 1989. Metal bands from that time. (we are in it as well):

Thrash fest. plackard:

Thrash fest. flyer:

Thrash fest. flyer 2. and ticket:

Thrash fest. és 666 fest. stage pass:

These were the great old times hehehe!

2010.12.06 Thrash Metal Reborn - - Para
Do you say Metallica is hard? That Slayer is the king of thrash? That there is no faster band than Violator? Then check this out. The hungarian thrash band (called Beyond) will not make a joke with the new album. It will climb to your faces with this short CD and will give such a music tou your ears that you will not forget for a long time. In December the whole recording will be done. You can hear a little sample about it.

Pre-order the CD! This is not all. There is another one. Now you can download free the Black Magic Night album. This one will be remixed with the new method. The old downloadable version now became a demo. Vocals will be re-recorded with more brutal way, so you can buy not one, but two CD's. There will be samples from both in

Recordings of our third album in 2010 has just started

The Black Magic Night was only a warm up for a brand new album in 2010. We wanted to charge ourselves with the old thrash rebellion. Till now it was only a feeleing that we will come out with completely new songs in 2010, not only with re-maked songs. Now this feeling came true. I am sure about it because the recordings started in 27 of June. Nine songs rithm guitars were recorded since then and some lirycs were written, so noone can stop us now. In October of 2010 these new songs will be out for sure. The title of the album planned to be "Thrash Metal Reborn" and will contain 8-9 songs. We do not know if this will be released or not. Write e-mail to parathrash(at)gmail(dot)com if you want to pre-order it with small cost. This will be our most brutal thrash album I guarantee.

Recordings of our two new albums has been finished

The recordings of the English version of our new "Thrash" album and the new Black Magic Night album has been finished. There's nothing for it but to convert the soundtracks containing the drum, vocal, guitar and bass tracks to simple stereo Wav soundtrack. We will send this mixed, but soft version to the studio Denever where Töfi will add 10 times loudness (this is called mastering). If it's done, remained only the listening, and headbanging and feeling the thrash endlessly. You will get the whole two albums in two package downloaded from our website. Then you will only have one task: tell everybody that this fu*king Beyond is so cool band, and then everything will be fine.

Vaskarc interview - Ferenc Kánya 30.01.2010

In connection with the news of still finished and the ongoing work I interrogated Para with a number of questions.

Why do you write again english lyrics? Have you got plans beyond the frontiers with the band?

The half of the band has family with children. It engages our interrests, and it is good like that. Aware of all it is too far thinking about beyond the frontiers. I do not think we would be able for a German tour for example. Detaching ourselves from our family is so hard, not to say leaving Laci's and Babu's store for a long time is impossible. So we do not have a lot of plans. We would be satisfied by some good words in our forum, that would be told that our music beats somebody's hearth. The english lyrics may be multiplies the possibility of this.

There is no problem with the remake album, but when will we get an album containing new songs again?

Those remake ideas came this times. Before this ideas we thought about new songs, so there are 6 songs in birth for a new album. We will make these ones as well of course after the remakes. If we do some concerts after the remakes then the possibility of making the new songs will be delayed to 2011. If not, then we are able to make it in the end of 2010. It is hard making concert in Hungary. We are so low in the level that we are hardly make concerts. If you are not in TV or media, then people do not go to see you. This is the point and we know it. May be we won't have concerts. We are expeled from the festivals as well. "No thrash allowed" everywhere, so may be we can finished it as well.

What do you think, in our country why is not any thrash collaboration, that is typical of the second generation british and US thash bands?

The first thing is that there is not too much newschool band like that. Although I heard a Szeged (HU) band named Morbid Carnage that made an impression on me, and the Archaic is my favourite for a long time, but I do not know more bands those would play clean thrash music. I have got favourites as Septicmen, Zsarnok, Aquincum, Thrash Inside, but there is no audience unfortunately. We are not clean thrash as well I know in our last year album, but we will be in the remake album I promise. So there are a few thrash bands and unfortunately with a few audience. It would be great if there would be Thrash collaboration but for who if we play in empty pubs? We would be higher with more thrash audience.

There are epoch-making bands stirring again like Bedlam in Hungary. Do you think it is expected the thrash Renaissance?

Definitely not. Bedlam is far from thrash metal. The lack of thrash audience is try to throttle the little bands. We did not have too much audience at all in our life time, but we hold firm to thrash in the future too. Bedlam somehow always on the top of the news sings and somehow they played for full house at the first occasion, and they made a tour etc., so it is possible they will go up in the world, but we, after we tried to emerge again in 2006 we just struggle to get us higher. It didn't work out. We of course will not change music style. We stay that we are from 1982 when three of us we established the three-quarters of the band Beyond.

New video clip and two english verion mp3

It was two days after the idea came and now you can find two samples from our thrash album in english language. We are in a hurry aren't we? So this will be our new 8 song "Thrash" album in english. The vocal's tone may be not finished yet, but the sound could be like that I think. We are recording the other album as well, so there are two project in the tube and a third one is closed:
1. 8 song "Thrash" album english version
2. 10 song new album from our first demo's content
3. New, second videolip (it is finished). Thanks to Rendermedia, Tibor Dusa and Ági as well

New english small messages

Hi thrashers in the world. You did not understand a word from this web site till now. I think may be needed an english version after we will create our new CD that will contain songs in english. I translated some messages as well from the hungarian version. After this time I think almost everything will be out in english as well. I hope you will be enjojed everything on this web page. I whisper (the Beyond doesn't know it either): today I will start the vocal recording of our "thrash" album in english, so there will be two english albums in a time.

Some words about the new CD recording

It was a great decision in Beyond's life that we make this new album. This album is not the child of this time. It is the sound of 80's. All the songs were written in 1985. In that time we were not able to record them. There was nobody to help us with money to get in any studios and we did not have money at all. Now we do not have money just as it was in 1985, but we have the technical base of the recording. We have mixer, sound card, michrophones Nagy instruments, ampifiers, so we have everithing to create music. The content of this new CD was recorded in 1985, but with very-very poor quality. In that time people accept this quality, but now it is unacceptable. It is worst than any kind of demo music today. Worst in quality, but better as music. It was a really great thrash demo without the effect of Metallica, Megadeth Clawfinger and so on. It is pure thrash and it is now drawing near. This will be the album of the really Beyond that should be released in the year of 1986 if there would not be our system that it was. The socialist form of state not helped us playing thrash free in our country, but there were thousands of thrashers liked our music. Now we are almost alone in hungary. No thrashers, no full house concerts. Nevertheless we are proud we play thrash and we play it till death. So wait for the new album with the pure thrash from 1985 with the sound of 2010. Honour to all the small number of hungarian thrashers that still love this music. We are in a hurry in our garage and make the recording ustopabble.

Clip is late

From technical point of view our clip is late. Unfortunatelly the drum video is was so wrong quality that the shoots can not be used. We hope that the trouble can be solved and the clip will be finished in february.

New album is being made

Recording of our new album has just began. There will be 10 songs in it and it will contain our most earlier songs from 1985. The language of it will be english, just as we played them that time. This album will not be a remake. The songs that time has so pure quality that it hardly named as demo. We do not know how we will distribute it. It is the question of time yet.

The base of our clip has been taken

Our second clip has been taken. We like to thank to "Hiszti klub" and "Virag" to get us the place where it was done without any compensation. Thanks a lot!. We are very lucky that there are so great guys around us. So thanks for Rendermedia and Tibor Dusa. The clip in all probability will be out in christmas. We hope it will be a gift from us. I whisper: it won't be a hit song. :)

New clip again

We will make new clip on 28.11.2009. Our first clip quality was so good that we choose Rendermedia again. The point of date is sure. it's probable that the song won't be our slowest ballad:) Jeeee!

A cut from our Forum : 18.11.2009
Detti wrote
You won't believe it! In the middle of the Friday's concert my head started to ache. It is usual thing for me after a headbang. It will be away next day-I thought. It happens always. Not for now. The headache is accompanied by vomiting lack of appetite, disturbation of concentration. First I thought the cause is the nikotin. On Monday it started to be strange that I am not well yet, but I still quit thinking about it. On tuesday I was sent home from school to go to a doctor. She was in office only on Wednesday so there was another day with full of suffering. The symptoms were still on. So today I went to the lady-doctor who declared probably it is concussion of the brain. She did not understand how I can do things like that and they doctor's assistant laughed at me. Of course I smiled on me too. Thig like that never happened with me yet. After all I can declare: you are the bests... and it is worth it!!! \m//oo\\m/

Photos and videos from Total Metal Club (14.11.2009) - Para

There are videos and photos in our main and the pics. page made by Szapy ( and with his photo camera. Hopefully "Preparation to hell" was taken that was my old wish. It is a song from 1985 and I very like it. It was subtitled to the hungarian odeon to understand it. There is another song from this concert as well. Master Szapy has taken a lot of black ang #CCFFC photos too. Please check it out.

Club "Zenepince" (Gyöngyös, HU)- Para

I feel that something happens in thrash line in hungary. Our action in "zenepince" surpassed our every experiences we have nowdays. There was 100 of the audience that is very great in thrash music in hungary. I do not have too much negative experience now. May be only one: my tooth almost falled when a crazy thrasher pushed the microphone stand to my face. Another thing when another mad mosher tumbled on the pedal line of Babu swithed every sets out. The distorted thrash became then soft "balalajka" music for seconds:) Of course these things are not really negative things, because moshing is like that. Thanks for the placard. Today it is very rare in hungary.I hope that the band Thrash Inside could reach home (the generator of therir car was broke down). Their engine of their car was stopped in 200m from the "zenepince" accumulator was down. Babu brought an adapter for it. I hope the car went home. This is thrash life. Hundreds of excitements and complications. That is why we like it...


Gyongyos is full of Beyond-Thrash Inside-Deep Inside placards. It is very nice, thanks for the "Zenepince".

Hammer interview

At least after 15 years we are in the Metal Hammer again with an interview. It is very nice we are in the same news as Slayer and Slipknot:) Furthermore Megadeth poster is in the middle of the paper. As we read, on the first Slipknot concerts there vas no audience as well, just as in our concerts:) .

New ampifier

Babu has sold his Laboga amp. and bought a Laney. There are two Laney now in Beyond. The sound is now clearer a bit as I hear.

Thoughts about clip shooting

We got an information e-mail from Rendermedia that we are able to win free clip if we sent back the e-mail. Every bands have chance to win it that answer the mail.

Of course I sent back the e-mail. On 16. Aug. 2009 we got the answer, we have won this chance. First I thought it is a joke. It was not it.Contact is started with Rendermedia, we found a date that was good for both of us. The shooting place was not so easy. There were three places that should be fine for us, but all of them showed us closed doors...

Our last chance was our garage. We bring some thrash face with us, to headbang in the clip, and we started shooting. It was a great idea. It was a great fun:)

Shooting is started. We put hundred tonns of unused things out of the garage to get a little place. We have found a smog machine as well. It was ours, but never used:) Now we used it.

After 3 weeks we got the first version of the clip. it was almost correct then so in one week after it the clip was finished.

We would like to thank Rendermedia, that we could do our first pro. clip. Of course thrash metal is not allowed in any TV stations but in youtube anybody can see it. Thanks and we promise that the next clip will be created by you again...

Cut from our Forum: 04.10.2009

Woah,it was a great concert on friday. I am glad that Beyond played a longer concert. As I saw you felt fine yourselves too. I feel sorry about the photo was not so good. This concert was better than in the Trafo bar before! The songs were so cool now.There was no any mistakes and the tempo...! The fastes songs you have without pause. Great!Balint told me it was fucking great! I am glad I have been there, and anybody can feel sorry if not!

Cut from our Forum: 23.09.2009

What a fucking hell!! I did not imagin that the clip should be so fucking cool. Grat. for it guys!!Just as a video from the 80's. Much headbang fucking great music, kick ass technics. It is my favourite song "Soulfall"!! My firs tip was it. The second was "No punishment for all". It would be good to be 02. October!!!!