D I A R Y :

2010.12.25 Remorse Metal Christmas - Para

We needed another perfect concert. Ózd is a great place, and the audience liked this year-closer metal party because there was a lot of people. They do not want to sit next to the christmast tree. I am pleased that the band Remorse invited us to this concert. We closed this year 2010 with great partys in this way. In 2010 there was a lot of audience and a lot of mosh as well. In Ózd, the people did not want to pogo too much, but in the other places we play we had a lot of good experiences. No problem. In Ózd, the guys waited for the the band Remorse. We unfortunately did not see the Remorse because of some family thing, so we had to go home after the concert at once. I hope I can see them later, because I am really interested about their life music. Thanks inviting us guys! It was a great feeling to be there in Ózd!

2010 was a good year for us. 2011 will be harder, because one place (Zenepince in Gyongyos) is closed now. We hope that we can go to other countries instead of Gyongyos and later we can find other concert place in gyongyos as well. Happy new year with full of thrash for Every Thrashers!

2010.12.04 Secret Concert (Gyöngyös) - Para

It is due to our secret friend that we made a secret concert in Gyongyos, with secret bands.It was so secret that it was nowhere announced. So many secret people came and we felt ourself fine of course in strictest confidence. I have to reveal in the greatest secret that we do so. Great people, in great palce in a great time. We made a great party. Thanks for the whirlpool and for the brain death. Thanks for paying the 666HUF ticket. For the secret band that arrived from a far-away land we would like to thank for coming so far. It would be a long way home after the party to the land of snow. I hope you arrive home without any issue you great death-thrash animals! Think of Beyond if you want to organize concert in your home town! Our CD will be out then so we could play new songs as well. It was great, it was fine, and I am happy that there are a lot of thrashers in hungary (of course in secret).

21.08.2010 Verpelét, Bor-rock festival - Para
It was a pretty good party in this Bor-rock fest, not to forget playing live during our studio works. There was not too much audience, and the sound was not the perfect one (there was extremly short time to stand up), but we gave our best. We shut the people with our thrash just as we can. A video was made for the honour to the thrashers in front of the stage. Thanks guys!

Click on the picture if you want to see a video about it (the song is called: Vision):

In our short program we played only the fastest songs of ours. We gave no remorse for the people who has melodic hearths. There is only pure thrash for sale here, nothing else. During our program, the number of people are highly accreted. It seemed they not heard about Beyond at all, because they put their chair somewhere and sit afar from the stage. They heard our crazy thrash from their arm-chair. May be they thought that they are in a Korda Gyorgy concert (old hungarian POP star) As I saw their head movement I thought they liked our music as well. There is no chance to hear thrash music in hungary too many times. Any way, there was a little thrasher hard core, that head banged all over the whole party. Thanks for it guys.

Thanks for the organizer as well for invited us.I hope they do not dissapointed in Beyond. We did our best we can. Verpelet is a good place, and Bor-rock is very pleasant festival.

2010.06.11 Szigetszentmiklós, Barbárok tanyája (Barbarian ranch) - Para

Barbarians! You were great! It was three days after the concert and I am still under impression of it. This barbarian ranch is such a great place. I had a Festival like feeleing. I envy the guys that can live out this freedom feeling that this place prompted. Concert in the open air, good quality sound (thanks for mixing) very good stage with well monitored equipment, so much mosquitos, so everything that we need. The audience seemed do not hate thrash metal. They were launched on the fastest thrash songs. They are thrashers to the backbone it seemed. May be they did not know about it, but it is true :). When we played a bit slower song (only our Trabant song was like that) the crowd were stopped. Thanks all of you who was there. We hope there will have a following concert next time in Barbarian ranch.

The other side of the concert was not too shiny. The bonnet of the car of the band Magor was snap open suddenly, so it crushed the windscreen. They were not able to come in this way. It is a luck that there were no casualties. It is so terrible. Barrow could not come too. They had communication problems so the Rendermedia called them off. It is sad, because in Debrecen they make a very good headbang on Beyond as well. It seems they like this style. Both bands were missed.

The Barbarian ranch did well in the examinations and we wait for the second summer concert date, where the guys will come that was stayed home by now. People must talk about what a great party was it.

Thrash forever and thanks Rendermedia for the great feeling!!!

15.05.2010 Gyöngyös (HU), Music cellar Club (Zenepince) - Para

Thanks Thrashers! It is pouring with rain for three days, the town is empty, not a living soul was anywhere, but the hard cores of the gyongyos thrash metal still came to the concert. Appreciation in the name of our band for all of you. We'd like to say thank you to the Septicmen for coming. You gave us a very great party. The songs were cool. There was a little Kreator, a little Slayer, and the many-voiced vocals were hit us. I take my hat off to you.

At least Beyond could give a really long concert, where we could play only the fastest thrash songs of ours. I feel our repertoire is increasingly harder with these Black Magic Night songs. Now, the most of our "hit" songs are continuously eliminating from the playlist, just as Csak egy isten, Szent te is adakozz, Eltörheted szárnyaim, Felszínes láz. We played here the song of Sávét nyomok, but it will be eliminated by the Black Magic Night song that was not studied till this concert unfortunately. No problem, we will study it till next time. We give more and mor thrashing concerts and we hope that we can show you our music in your town as well sometimes.

Thrash forever!

20.03.2010 Vámosgyörk Tintoretto klub - Para

It was a pretty good familiar concert full with excitements. It was strange that there was only 10 paying guest came to this party. What should happened? Is there so many gigs in this little country that this kind of concert is so boring for them? Or nobody knew about it? Starnge. Well 10 paying guest and the 3 bands with their company made a little crowd :) Tintoretto pub was so great place that I hardly seen before. It is sad that there was no more people. The place had great big rised stage we had very big place to play, there were lights and so on. We liked 100% this place. I think that we will not appeare next time here according to the small numbers of audience. It is sad seeing so good places burried by the uninteresting. The most interresting thing was that in the half of our Steps of death song, the lights were off, the sound was subdued. First only the lights divide into halves, but then full darkness set in. The power supply stopped in the half of the country. Luckily we get back the half of the energy in 5 minutes, so we could hardly see something, but we were not able to continue the concert. It was almost 23:00 hour, so we wrapped up our equipment because we did not want to put the playing time from the other 3 bands. They played till 2:00 at dawn. We after the wrap up went home, so we do not had anithing else for this day. This two concerts took 2-3 weeks from the recording of our new album. We continue recording on monday with the bass. Only 5 songs left and some solo, and we finish.

13.03.2010 Gyöngyös, Zenepince - Para

Luckily after our latest concert in Zenepince (Music cellar) we did not worry about the number of audience. We trusted that our latest party does not turned away from us anybody. We have not disappointed about it. There was great number of audience in the party, although -as we knew it- there was two other concert in that day in our town. Seemed that Music Cellar at least running well. Although there was not too many plackards now, but as I think that the coming back audience are spreading the news to each other well as oral tradition. It was strange that Gyöngyös TV appeared although we have not tell them anything. It was so good. There was an interview made and there was some litle moments from the concert as well. The Beyond members haven't seen this programme in TV, but we heard from others that it was on some days ago. I hope I can get the shoots, so we can put it in our website as well.

The concert started great. Thrashers are launched at once and it was typical for the whole concert. Now the guys at the back left there for the whole party, they have not go avay to drink beer now :) . It was great party, and I hope it will be better in 15. May. Come then more of you! There will be warm weather, so the heavy winter coats will not disturb anybody to headbang and the beer is better like that:)

14.11.2009 Budapest, Total Metal club - Para

Something is really started for sure. There was a lot of concerts, that we coud tell: we have only one Fan. Jaksa, thanks for your persistence and for loving our music. You are the No.1 :) Well stop gaying and go back to diary. GABO told us about this concert, that it is perfect, but where the hell are the millions of audience. I see where we go, and I think we go to the right way.

After 2006, (the time we get back to common knowledge), first we played for the other bands that are still played in our concerts, but sometimes only for ourselves, when they went drinking beer. I stress it was the tendency for years. Then came Jaksa (our No.1), when he and some friend (and my son) started headbenging. Now the way is, that 10-15 person sing our songs by heart in Gyongyos and Budapest.(we have not go to other places yet). The todays concerts are different as the older ones that in that times we just played the songs without any movement, but after playing before the Bonded by Blood in Budapest we learnd a lot from the guys from USA. Our American "teachers"teached us, how it should have to be done. We now do as we learnd from them. There is no break in the stage now. No one can stop us. In the end we learned thrash again as we done it in 1986. They've got easy job. They just do this thing nothing else. Their lifes are not about only politics as in Hungary, and poorness is not so strong there as in huere. We go working after the concerts and we are poors.

It is good playing concerts like that. The band looks like lived together with the audience. Our hearts beat together, our heads bang together. We get a little waving from the audience on the solo of the song "She was not 17 yet". It was so good. Great idea. Keep it up!

Something is in change and I wanted to write it down here. We are not "stars" at all, we do not have money. The concerts take the money not bring. In some concerts in Budapest we throw 10-15 HUF out of the window, but our inner hearts are needed these gigs.

Because it is a Diary so I would write that from 16. Aug. 2009 I do not drink alcohol because of a wrong liver enzyme result. I've chosen the life. Till this time I cn not even start a concert without two beers. Now the thrash is not about drinking. It is very strange thing now, but it has to be written. This is a diary not?

Back to the concert:
Place: it was hard to find the Total metal club. We driven to the place where the club should to be, staring but did not find it. We were thinking over what did wrong, but we just can not see the Total Matal signboard. We started find the club on foot, but we cannot see anithing. Dusty ruined factory building, graffities on the walls, and darkness. This cannot be the place. Then an aperture opened in a door. A face looked at us and asked "what we are looking for?". "A heavy metal club" -we said. "Then you seek the TM club? You are here then. This is it." So we found it at the end. The dismal appearence of course covered a very great metal club. The badest thing was that we had to put all of our equipment to the first floor. We should return there with pleasure. Szapy made a video shot with his photo camera. This shoot is in our video menu now. Thanks Szapy!

Please forgive us not to say goodby to everyone. We were in a hurry and we were not able to leave the equipment in the car without guarding. Septicmen, Thrash Inside! Thanks beeng together in this concert. We are in the same board in the same sea. Petya (Baranyi), thanks for coming. Youre pictures are fine. You are the best.

07.11.2009 Gyöngyös Zenepince (Music cellar) - Para

I feel that something started in thrash line in Hungary. The concert in Music cellar surpassed every other concerts nowdays. First I was anxious about the number of audience,because the thrash metal is not the most favourite style in Hungary, nevertheless there was 100 person in the place. They hedbanged so much that I take my hat off to them. I know they came to see the Thrash Inside and Black Mamba, still it is very good feeling they were so many of us. It is good to fumed all over the concert. I do not have negative suggestion now, may be one or two, but these are not really negative things. One: my tooth was almost dropped out when a crazy pogo guy pushed the mic. to my face, two: another crazy pogo man falled onto Babu's pedal effect line, so everything was turned off in that momnet. Luckily my teeth was not dropped out, and there was not damaged pedals after all. We said after the concert that there was a long time ago then we were in a good concert like that was. It was in the 80's. Thans anybody for coming. Need thousands of concerts like this!!! AWe hope Thrash Inside could go home. The generator of their car was ruined in 200m from the place. Babu take an accumulator charger from home triing to repair it. I hope the car could go home to budapest like that. This is thrash...

2009.10.02 Bp. Viper room - Para

We are "going back ghost" in Viper room. We try it again and again. The ones that came to the concert was glad and they never stopped for a minute. They hedbang the wghole concert so it seems that we play is good. They felt the powered thrash feeling. We did not play any ballads now, not a Top 10 song. I would like to thank you for all the guys who dropped every friday activity for the Beyond's concert. Jaksa, get better quickly! The catching cold is our fault and the trail that you missed (with Bálint) caused by the concert. Detti, thanks coming and headbanging!
We like all of our small number of audience. You gave us strength and hope. Carry on coming and we give you thrash. This is what we can only do. We started to prepare a 5 songs demo. It will be prepared for your respect. Thanks for the band "Zsarnok"("tyrant" in english) thrashing with us in this night.

26.06.2009, Budapest Petőfi hall, - Para

It was unforeseeable the concert this day. It was for free in a giant place with the best sound. There should be a lot of audience, but it was rained all day. It stopped raining when we arrived. A lot of policeman standed out becouse they were the police organized this concert with a two day long programme for drog prevention. They told us there are aprox. 20 person inside in the giant area, and there will not be more as they thought. I should not tell, that the 20 oerson was not thrasher like person, so as we see, there will not be any audience in our concert. Thrash Inside was seen by 20 family guys as children, father, Mom, but who will stay to see our concert? The Thrash Inside played fine the thrash-hardcore and played 12 songs when we were in. We thought that the party will be till 22:00, so we did not worry, it was only 21:00. Gyuzsi, from Thrash Inside then told us that the organizer will be shortened the concert and she wanted to stop it at 21:40. They told us during the changeover that hurry up, because we do not have too much time. It is no problem, we are fast enought always. When we started the concert the audience has been chenged. All the family went home and only thrasher like persons stands in front of us. Of course in this arena 100 person seem small, so our 30 person audience was like empty, but we decided we will pley for them as we did it for thousands. (hehe dream on guy :) ). We played thrash. After the 3rd song we heard strange announcement from the edge of the stage. "we have 2 minutes left". I haven't believed it, but we started the last song. The small number of audience was exclaimed: "do not stop! Go on, Metal needed! Come back!" It was strange, short, but good concert. Thranks for the thrashers!

2009.06.06, Abasári Motoros Találkozó (VIII.)A Fekete Sereg motoros találkozója. - Para

We did not hope for great number of audience will throng in our bash. The organizer declared in the beggining, that there are the same faces in every year, no matter if famous or undarground bands are invited. They do not invited famous bands now because it is cheaper like that. We were not even appeared in the plackards at all, because we were invited after the placards were printed. It was a luck that there were a little thrash fan in the auditorium. We were happy that there were young thrashers between the old fashioned motor driver guys, that are surely do not like this kind of music. A track plateau was the stage so the mood was good. So there was a small thrasher group faced to the stage (15 person, see picture), and hundreds of lazy motor driver guys whos never stand up for a band at all drinking beer next to the stage. This was the base, but all the other was good. Thanks for the thrashers and the plateau mood...

2009.05.30, Jászárockszállás Teke klub - Para

In Club Teke we played long time ago thanks for band Morfium. That was great, so we thought it will be the same. Done. Of course there was not too many thrashers, but the ones that were there make a lot of pogo. 10-15 persons made so much headbang and pogo so we felt better than before the Bonded by Blood and Fuelled by Fire that were more than 200 persons. Teke Club! We return!

2009.05.27, Trafo bar tango -a place in the tour of Fueled by Fire - Para

I got a mail in a nice day: "would we like to play before Fueled by Fire, as the Hungarian band?" Of course we would! So the concert came. It was fine seeing the thrashers that are not dead:) It was a well organized concert for sure.
We arrived first, because american brothers's car was ruined somewhere. There was enough time for put our equipment to the small stage. Unfortunatelly we had to star at 20:30 so the number of audience was half as they were in the other thrashers performance. No problem, it was good for us. We got thunderous applause from them so we felt that thrashers like our music.
The Suicidal Angels from greece cancelled the tour so the Neurasthenia from Italy folloved us.Our heads were dropped about the thrash we get from them. All the three bands were so good like them. We hope in Hungary the thrash will be more famous some times.
I know Bonded by Blood. I heard on myspace 4 songs. For me they were the best in that night. The best ovation was in the Bonded as well as I saw.
The Fueled by Fire did not slow down the speed. All the three bands gave us great energy, seeing how it should be done thrashing for the next time.
Thrash is back!