Genre: Thrash
Formed: 1985
State: Hungary
Town: Budapest

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Members (alphabetical order):
since 20.11.2016
András, Zavarkó - guitar
Gyula Bencze - bass
Tamás, Parajdi - vocals, guitar
Zoltan Kozma - drums
László, Zavarkó (R.I.P.) - drums




Here is the fourth: Nervosa-Beyond-S8 club-09.08.2017

This is the fourth, but the first large-scale party and I can say we did everything we could do.

I had a very positive experience when I arrived to the S8 entrance. A relatively large crowd gathered on the scene, which reminded me to the forgotten good feelings in Ganz culture house, and Lyuk. So there will be many people.

I met many acquaintances and even Gyöngyös persons were there. I felt here something good. Nucleanus played when I got there. Unfortunately, I'm a jittery type, so I went to the dressing room for all kinds of spare exercises. I wrapped wires and tuned my guitars. Meanwhile, I heard the Zinfield band out there who played modern folk metal. The heat went up to the roof, oxygen lost. When we came to our stage setting, because of the air loss, several liters of water flowed from me and we did not even begin.

After the set-up, which was relatively firm and fast, we did not go downstairs anymore. In spite of Babu's wiring problems, we called in the people and hit to the strings. I was worried that soon Babu's guitar would be fall silent, but it did not happen fortunately. We could hardly see the crowd because of the front lights, but we played as hard as we could. We were happy with the many people and never made mistakes. Fortunately, we could play two old songs as well. Besides the "Innom kell" and "Vision" we played only new songs from our new album (that is now in preparing phase). We promise that we will soon learn more old songs.

I heard from many places that the sound was bad and the area was very hot. I can confirm the latest statement, but we did not hear the sound so bad. We had a great time.

I feel the band is not ashamed of Nervosa. The year 2017 started very well for us. Slowly, but surely, a gerater number of people thinks that Beyond is a potential concert band. Those who really see that, tell the nearby rock-bar to call us to play. We will give the locals a long lasting experience. Concert it up!

Post: 18.08.2017 - Para

Our third concert: Gyöngyös, Randevú Bár 30.06.2017

We are now at the third concert with the revived band. We are doing the gigs with more and more ease. Some more concerts and we are not even listening to what to play in the guitar, where the rhythm change is, what the lyrics are. Everything will go automatic.
It was nice to arrive to Gyöngyös since I grew up there, it is my past (Para). It was so good to meet a lot of old friends again. Despite this, none of us knew this Randevu Bar. Every band hates carrying the stuff ustairs, but now so many persons helped us, so it was easier than ever. The room was bigger than I thought, but it was like playing in a living room. You can watch it in the video, that was recorded here. It was a good concert, in a good place for good people. We laughed a lot, the mood was nice. It didn't even bother us that it was all the way raining, which was a bit unpleasant when we loaded back our stuff. In the end, we only remember the beautiful things anyway. As a comparison, here is also the last song of our first concert. It was a cool concert also in the "Rocktogon".

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We can no longer conceal, that the band lives again. - We don't even want it at all smile hangulatjel:) (this is not the final sound yet.- Song title: "I Keep the Secret" - music part with pictures of Baranyi Péter

Bejegyzés: 2017.XX.XX Post: 21.06.2017 - Para

I'll Send You to Hell - Videoclip - Para

Our first video clip with our new lineup, has just completed. It was recorded with simple phones in Rocktogon (Budapest). This is the first trailer of our new album "No More Empty Heads". Zolika Dandó is mixing and mastering the album. This is not the final mixed sound version, so we will share it again, when the final sound is available. Hear it, share it, present it! The song is called: I'll Send You to Hell
Video: I.Bakóczi, Magno

Post: 14.06.2017

Beyond is the introductory of Nervosa on 09.08.2017 in S8 - Para

We are proudly announce that we will play before a female atomic Brazilian thrash band, called Nervosa on Aug.09 in S8 (Hungary Budapest district 14. Kerepesi str. 26). We would like to say thanks for the invitation this way. We'll be right before Nervosa, so there is no chance to push the party loose and old. We start at 21:00. We're going to plow up the field so Nervosa can tap on a prepared ground. Plowing is not planned with a tractor, but with you, the drive engine will be us with our music. All you have to do is being there. All the thrashers are nice guys, so if you are not a thrasher, you do not have to be afraid, we welcome everybody. If just standing around, if just looking around, no problem. However we want to see MOSH PIT from ancient thrashers. Let the area turn around let the flood spin. We do not want to hear ourselves in the stage, just the ovation. For those who just standing, please record it with your telephones and we make a video clip you never thought.

Post: 10.06.2017

Here is our first live action in this lineup in Rocktogon, Hungary Budapest
Here is a full concert video from Rocktogon, 15.04.2017

Thrash forever!

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Our second concert

The second party was like going home, as we've been playing in Farmos in 2009. We did not disappoint. The concert was very good. Sound technology was perfect. Thanks about it! Technics cannot be blamed for the room reverb, that was like in a huge church. The feeling was like in a big concert, because in the stage, the sound was very good.
At the other side, I can eat so good Lasagna nowhere else than here in Farmos (made by Gyuszi's mom). We are happy to come back several times. Thanks also to the audience. You were good!

Post: 30.04.2017

Mixing, Mastering aprooval -Para

Finally, creating of the final sound of our new album is succeeded. Zoltan Dandó done professional work and our first song was mixed so good that we never imagined. Zoltan just started of mixing all the other songs, which will take about a week or two.

There is a litttle problem with the current bass sound, so we have to re-record it. No matter. After all songs are mixed, Gyuszi will record it within one or two days.

Great pleasure, we're waiting for the album, we're waiting for the concerts, we're waiting for the audience.
Unfortunately, Babu's guitar suffered a small accident on this day's rehearsal. OK, do not embellish it: it was broken as shit. Tough for a week, he packed it up with all sorts of old guitar remnants. I also checked the guitar before it was broken and found it was very good. Head up Babu. It may be you can screw it again somehow.

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Rehearsals -Para
Our life has brightened since we started again the band rehearsals. The rehearsal room is far away from the home of every of us, but we do not care. All of us happy to spend this transfer time for the music spirit. We always kindly meet beside the rehearsal place. In the first couple of months, the rehearsals were about only learning songs, spiced up with a large amount of fooling around. We've learned all the songs from the new album. Thereafter fortunately, we had to be prepared for two concerts. Now there are three more concerts on the way, which is a very good result. We do not know what the future will bring, but the start well done. Here is the first song from the first rehearsal on video:

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20.11.2016 Beyond: reloaded guns

We're back again with the new band. Since 2012 we did not give you a shit. Now we are back and working on our new album.

Members since 20.11.2016 (alphabetical order):
András, Zavarkó - guitar
Gyula Bencze - bass
Tamás, Parajdi - vocals, guitar
Zoltan Kozma - drums

Thrash forever!

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